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We have relocated a number of times over the years, mostly through job transfers, so we understand the exciting, yet stressful nature of the experience. Whether a move is by choice, and undertaken at a leisurely pace, or is due to an all too rapid job transfer, the desired result should be the same: The ultimate decision regarding your new home should best reflect how you wish to live. The personal experiences gained through our own household moves have been invaluable to us in helping to advise our clients to take stock of how they see themselves “living” in the new location, in general, and in their new home in particular. Our pre-realty careers were with nationally branded lifestyle companies, incl Nordstrom Dept. Stores and Polo Ralph Lauren Corp, among others, where we well learned the importance of personal lifestyle development, and it’s enhancement to personal well being. Only a precious few things promote personal well being to any greater degree than in finding the right home around which to build and to enhance your personal lifestyle. This lifestyle enhancement opportunity is why we chose Beaufort. If this beautiful part of the world is where you plan to locate, we would be delighted to find a way to see if we could help to guide you toward a home that accentuates the lifestyle you have developed, or wish to develop. If you have to leave this wonderful area, we would be honored to market your property in the way that works best for you.